(video) the art teacher finally speak up: stop body shaming me


Parents in New Jersey were criticising a teacher of art because they felt that her physical shape distracted her students. Due to concerns that the instructor’s curves may divert the students and prevent them from paying attention in class, the group of parents urged that the school administration fire the teacher.

Following the online publication of the report, the teacher, known only as “Toy Box” on Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of herself in class or participating in extracurricular activities, gained notoriety.

The instructor responded in an Instagram Live session, saying she was shocked to find that some parents want her out of the educational system because of her figure/body type.

“What do I seem like,” she asked, “arguing with others about my appearance. I’m not going to lie; it scares and astounds me that this is even a thing. At first, I thought it was hilarious since I was like

“Do you realise how many educators detest their jobs as educators? Then there are the educators that adore what they do to the fullest. Those of you who have kids, I just hope you have the good fortune to have a teacher who genuinely enjoys what she does and her work rather than simply being there for the money because, believe me, those of us who want to be there make a difference.

Additionally, she stated on her Instagram story, “Cut it out y’all, discrimination, body shaming, and bullying.” Last night, I couldn’t even get to sleep because of this crap. Get rid of it.

Although some parents tried to have her removed from the school system, she thanked those who stood by her.

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