In the markets of Lagos, where lethal herbal mixtures cause adolescent abortions (I) Please share this experience:

ALFRED OLUFEMI discovers locations inside Lagos markets where traditional medicine dealers benefit from enabling unsafe abortion for adolescents by pretending to be a helpless young guy desperate to have an abortion for his 17-year-old fiancée. The results of laboratory examinations of herbal roots and other materials purchased from marketplaces reveal large concentrations of hazardous components that have the potential to seriously harm one’s health and render them permanently incapacitated.

Every year, millions of teenage girls risk early mortality by having unsafe abortions. A number of them, who narrowly avoid death, later experience severe health issues or endure traumatic experiences that last a lifetime.

Similar to sex, abortion is not frequently discussed in public since it goes against society norms and religious beliefs and is considered sacrilegious.


Every worried parent’s worst dread and greatest anxiety is teen pregnancy.

The greatest risk for a teenage girl caught in the web, which is typically a life-changing experience, is trying to have an abortion illegally, especially from quacks because they are thought to be quick with the medical procedure, clandestine, and inexpensive.

According to reports, untrained physicians apparently perform thousands of illegal abortions each year, frequently at the expense of the lives and health of the women involved.

sombre statistics

According to a 2018 analysis by the Department of Radiography, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, 610 000 induced abortions are projected to take place in Nigeria each year, accounting for about 40% of maternal fatalities.

The majority of those who undergo unsafe or illegal abortions are minors, according to many research on abortion morbidity and death.


The research also noted that unsafe abortion was still one of the most disregarded issues in developing nations’ sexual and reproductive health.

A joint research by the Nigeria Ministry of Health and the Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Nigeria found that unsafe abortion kills 20,000 women per year, half of them are under-19-year-old minors.

Nigerian herbal abortionists’ world

Nigerian law prohibits abortions, which can result in lengthy prison terms of up to 14 years, unless they are necessary to preserve the woman’s life.

Punitive sanctions are specifically outlined in Section 230 of the Criminal Code Act, Chapter 77 of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990, for anybody who provides medications or equipment to facilitate abortions.

According to the legislation, “Anyone who supplies to or obtains for any person anything whatsoever, knowing that it is intended to be unlawfully used to procure the miscarriage of a woman, whether she is pregnant or not, is guilty of a felony and is punishable to imprisonment for three years.”




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