Following a violent exchange between them and Biggie’s rider Rachel over food, Bella and Sheggz have turned into a minor fear for their fellow roommates.

The ladies in charge of the kitchen and cooking follow a rotation schedule: Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna.

Rachel served rice for the household and got in trouble for serving Bella chicken, which the latter didn’t like, when her turn on the list came up hours ago. Sheggz, Bella’s lover, erupted in the blink of an eye when Bella asked for beef.


Regarding the way Bella’s food was served, Sheggz labeled Rachel foolish. He anticipated that Rachel already knew what Bella, his girlfriend, liked.

During their verbal exchange, which eventually escalated into Rachel disparaging his family and generation, she didn’t hold back.

Bella erupted after hearing Rachel’s comment and defended her boyfriend.

The food spilled as she attempted to return the food Rachel had given her, causing havoc in the home.


If Rachel didn’t apologize to him, Sheggz threatened to deal with her.

Sheggz: If you don’t beg me, Rachel…

Rachel: Taa, leave.

If you don’t beg me before December, Rachel, I’ll swear on my mother’s life that my name is not Segun Olusemo.


This isn’t the first time Sheggz and food have gotten into a fight.

Sheggz and Chizzy reportedly got into a fight after the former insisted that he and his girlfriend eat everything they wanted in the house, according to Kemi Filani news.

Chizzy prevented Sheggz from frying chicken for his girlfriend Bella.

Before they merged, Level Two spent their Wager money on the chicken that was in the house.


Chizzy nearly got into a fight with Sheggz when he struggled to restrain his rage over how his fellow Level One housemates squandered food.

Sheggz claimed that Biggie was the source of all the food, thus he and his baby were free to consume anything they pleased.

Hermes was included in the dispute because Sheggz named him as one of the residents who smuggled food.


The dancer was allegedly stockpiling plantains and eggs, according to Sheggz and Bella.


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