Tribunal: You Boasted About Being Prepared, Now Look At The Embarrassment – Omokri To Obi

Political analyst Reno Omokri has strongly criticized the behavior of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi, his legal team, and the witnesses at the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC).

According to Omokri, the conduct of Obi and his team is disgraceful and brings shame upon them.

He expressed his disappointment with Obi’s failure to present competent witnesses who could effectively argue his case.

Omokri argued that the outcome of the court proceedings may not be favorable for the LP candidate.

Taking to Instagram, he conveyed his dissatisfaction, stating, “The legal team and witnesses representing Peter Obi at the Presidential Election Petition Court are a complete embarrassment. It is astonishing that a man who boasted about having substantial evidence and reliable witnesses has ended up with such a poor showing.”

He further highlighted the inadequacy of the witnesses produced by Obi’s team. One witness, a mathematics professor, blamed his inability to prove Peter Obi’s victory in the #NigerianElections2023 on lack of time. Another witness, Lawrence Nwakaeti, appeared confused during the court proceedings.

Omokri also criticized the lawyers involved in the case, pointing out their elementary mistakes, such as mishandling the schedule of documents and requesting additional time. He expressed his concern that these developments do not bode well for Peter Obi.

In conclusion, Omokri emphasized the negative impression created by Obi’s legal team and their witnesses at the Presidential Election Petition Court, indicating that the situation does not look favorable for the LP candidate.

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