Nollywood actress Judy Austin has sparked reactions by locking her husband, Yul Edochie, outside their home at night as a way to teach him a lesson.

The couple, both popular movie actors, have been generating buzz online with a series of videos showcasing their frequent arguments.

In a recent video shared on Facebook, Judy Austin locked her husband out late at night, expressing her frustration with his habit of returning home late.

Yul Edochie stood on the other side of the gate while she questioned him, observing as he tried to explain himself.

Judy stated that she took the step to keep him out because he believes he has the freedom to come home whenever he pleases and disregards her right to inquire about his whereabouts.

In response to the video, a person named Samuel commented, “Why don’t they just sign a deal with Netflix or Amazon to properly televise this and make more money from it? This has gone beyond ordinary now.”

Another commenter named Frank remarked, “Only God knows what Pete Edochie did in his past life that led his first son to bring disgrace to the family.”

Note: The statements made by Samuel and Frank in the original text are comments from individuals and do not represent factual information.

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