Happy 31st birthday to my queen, @mercychinwo, my reward from God and the tangible proof that I’m blessed! Posted @withregram • @theofficialblessed

The coming true of a prophecy!

God’s spoken word materialised.

the priesthood’s spouse!


My happy, peaceful, and secure space.

The concrete proof that the Lord is pleased with me and rewards those who seek him earnestly

I appreciate you being my sister, wife, and best friend. I’m grateful you agreed to date me.

I pledge to support you now and always, no matter what, and I know that we can accomplish our goals together.

I pray that the Lord would powerfully work in your life in this new era because the glory of the Lord is

Since the Lord’s glory has risen upon you, the Lord’s hand will rest firmly upon your life.


I proclaim that every time you sing, the Lord will send down rain, and your voice will pierce the sky.

I thus announce that nothing and no one will be able to halt the rising of your anointing!

All we’ll experience is the heat! (Hit…in succession)

Your music will help the sick, provide power to the frail, and console the heartbroken.

When they argue with you, the Lord will argue back. You will receive the blessings of those who bless you and the curses of those who curse you.

Mercy is indeed blessed.


Brighten up, my Queen!




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