Sir Chikwe Udensi renovates, upgrades ABNA – Hall in Aggrey Memorial College

After years of progressive decay, the iconic Abna Hall, the assembly place of students of Aggrey Memorial College, Arochukwu, has now been transformed into a modern edifice.

Commenced only a few months ago, the project was bankrolled by none other than an old student of the institution, a philanthropist per excellence, an Interpol Systems Expert Sir Chikwe Udensi.

Sir Udensi took up the project of literally rebuilding the assembly hall in memory of the late Nwosu Kanu Okoro, another distinguished alumnus of the institution.

Indeed report indicates that Aggrey Memorial College Alumni Association is deeply grateful to one of its own, for championing the on-going cause of revamping the college under the mantra: Make Aggrey Great Again (MAGA).

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