Nigerian filmmaker and activist, Lucky David Udu, has provided insights into why Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries, discontinued funding the scholarship of the famous security guards known as the ‘Happie Boys’.

In a report by Aro Okeigbo Blog, the Happie Boys, who gained fame for their dancing while on duty as security guards at Chicken Republic, revealed on social media that they were forced to drop out of school after six months due to a lack of scholarship.

They explained that finding employment in Cyprus was extremely challenging, and the cost of living in the country was exorbitant.

The Happie Boys also shared their conversations with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, where they repeatedly requested financial assistance. However, the apostle claimed to be financially constrained or ignored their messages on several occasions.

Responding to the situation, Apostle Chibuzor expressed his displeasure in an audio clip circulating online. He stated that the money used to sponsor the boys in Cyprus was sourced from members’ tithes and offerings. He expressed disappointment that the boys had shown ingratitude in return.

The incident sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some individuals labeling the security guards as ungrateful, while others supported their plight.

In a recent development, Lucky Udu, who claims to have direct access to Apostle Chibuzor, shared a post on Instagram shedding light on the situation. Udu explained that it became challenging to continue sponsoring the boys after the value of the dollar significantly increased.

According to Udu, the pastor had urged the boys to return to Nigeria, Ghana, or Benin Republic to continue their education, but they declined the offer.

The filmmaker added that Apostle Chibuzor bears the responsibility of overseeing the education of over 4,000 students studying abroad. Udu emphasized that while some families could contribute to sustain their children’s education, not everyone could solely rely on the apostle for support.

Udu concluded by expressing empathy for the Happie Boys’ situation, but also highlighted the change in their demeanor and extravagant lifestyle after they left Nigeria for Cyprus, despite being aware of their limited financial resources compared to what the man of God could provide.

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