10th NASS Vows To Tackle Economic, Security Challenges

In a significant development, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Hon. Tajudeen Abbas have announced their agenda for the Nigerian people after being elected as the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, for the 10th National Assembly (NASS). Their key priorities include fostering a strong economy, enhancing national security, and upholding checks on executive lawlessness.

Senator Akpabio emerged as the 15th Senate President, securing victory with 17 votes against Abdulaziz Yari. Similarly, Hon. Abbas garnered 353 votes, surpassing Hon. Ahmed Wase and Aminu Sani Jaji, who received three votes each, to become the Speaker of the House.

In his victory speech, Senator Akpabio expressed his gratitude and commitment to fairness towards all members of the National Assembly and Nigerians. He pledged to fulfill his responsibilities with utmost dedication, integrity, and fairness, acknowledging the significant role entrusted to him.

Senator Akpabio emphasized the importance of collective efforts in promulgating laws and regulations that ensure the well-being and security of the country, while also serving as a check on the executive arm of the government. He expressed his determination to exceed the expectations of the Nigerian people by building a better, safer, more inclusive, prosperous, efficient, and ethical nation.

In a separate statement, Hon. Abbas affirmed that the House of Representatives would not be a mere rubber stamp for the executive. He highlighted their commitment to standing up against any actions not in the public’s interest. The broad acceptance and support from across party lines during his election demonstrated the legislature’s independence and contradicted claims of being imposed by the ruling party.

Hon. Abbas stressed the importance of maintaining the sanctity of the National Assembly while also fostering a harmonious relationship with the executive when necessary. However, he emphasized that in cases of conflicts of interest or actions contrary to the public good, the House would not hesitate to assert its independence.

Additionally, the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Benjamin Kalu, reassured the public that the 10th House of Representatives would fulfill the promises made to constituents by collaborating with the executive. He highlighted their focus on nation-building, job creation, poverty reduction, energy enhancement, local content utilization, and stimulating the economy. Hon. Kalu expressed their intention to support the President’s decisions through legislative intervention, ultimately working towards building a nation to be proud of.

With the Senate President, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker united in their vision, the 10th National Assembly aims to address pressing issues, uphold legislative independence, and collaborate effectively with the executive to advance the interests of the Nigerian people.

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