There has been a recent argument about the Origin of Alex Otti, The Abia Governorship candidate under the auspices of Labour Party. There is this Igbo Adage that says, when a man becomes successful, his origin becomes questionable.

There has been a recent Argument if Alex Otti is from Arochukwu or From Ngwa. After the reign of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, It is legal and worthy to note that the next Governor of the state comes from Abia north part of the state hence all the zones have provided a Governor since the creation of the state. The Zoning formular started in Abia North with Senator Orki Uzor Kalu, to Senator Theordore Ahamefula Orji then to the incumbent Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia of Abia South Senatorial Zone. Now it is the turn of the Abia North to produce the next Governor of the state which is the more reason people wants to know the Origin of Alex Otti. 

before we look at the origin of Alex Otti, Lets take a look at,

Brief Origin Of Alex Otti

Alex Otti was born on 18 February 1965, he is a Nigerian financial specialist, former banker and the previous Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc now Access Bank, a main retail monetary organization in Nigeria. 


Alex Otti was a gubernatorial candidate of Abia State under the party of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). On 31 December 2015, The Court of Appeal which sat in Owerri eliminated Okezie Ikpeazu of the Peoples Democratic Party as the Governor of Abia State and pronounced Alex Otti of the All Progressives Grand Alliance as the state Governor, this led to a sudden happiness of the entire Abians following the supreme court rule, the victor of the April 11 and April 25 Governorship races in the state. Notwithstanding, on February 3, 2016, the Supreme Court of Nigeria switched the decision of the Court of Appeal and attested the appointment of Ikpeazu as Governor. Dr. Alex Otti is an individual from the publication leading body of quite possibly of the most regarded paper in Nigeria, Thisday, and composes a fortnightly section, each and every other Monday, named “Fresh”.

Origin Of Alex Otti 

Alex Otti is from Atani Viilage in Arochukwu Kingdom Abia State, disregard any rumor that he is an Ngwa Man.

Though Alex Otti has a dual citizenship but that doesn’t mean that he is from Ngwa.

Dr Alex Oti has dual nativity, his father is from Arochukwu while his mother is from  Ngwa all in Abia State.

His Father worked and based in Ngwa which led to marrying an Ngwa Lady which can happen to any other person, getting a wife from the town or state you base during your work days. Alex Otti being a successful business man made him to reside in Ngwa land.


Alex Otti did not grew up in Arochukwu being his ancestral Home rather he joined his father living in Aro Ngw√°. Aro- Ngwa is located in Osisioma Ngwa Lga. 

Nigerian politics Yes we know is based on ethnocentrism and Interest. Whereas it should have been as ideologies and people’s choice.

What do I mean. Many are supporting Dr Alex because of his public figure and ideologies not that he headed government office.

Same thing to Dr Uche Sampson Ogah. The public office is not a guarantee for good governance, A trader who manages his business well can also manage a nation or state, example, Donald Trump.

You need to be popular before you win in a democratic setting. 

Now for my own perspective, I see power moving from PDP to Labour party/ APC.


Uche Ogah or Alex may win the Abia Gubernatorial Election, without stress. Those you think that turns things around in Abia PDP Are no more and this era is unique in the electoral process unless they stop the masses from voting or witnessing the counting.

Alex Otti Origin is Atani village in Arochukwu.



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