NZUKO ARO ELECTION: Organize A Debate And Inform Me, I Will Honour It – Kingmoore Tells Udensi

A President General Aspirant in the forthcoming Nzuko Aro Men’s Wing Election, Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu popularly known as Kingmoore  has challenged  his co-aspirants Mazi Dozie Udensi to personalily organize a debate at his will and invite him  to enable them share views, programmes  and individual vision(s) for the people of Aro.

Kingmoore made this plea  to Mazi Dozie Udensi on Friday night, 19th Day of March 2022.

In a planned online debate which was organized by Umu Aro in Digital Media practice in collaboration with  Ezumezu Aro WhatsApp social media platform was an avenue created for both aspirants to  showcase their prowess and reel out their manifestos to Umu Aro saw only Mazi Kingmoore humbly attended and granted Umu Aro audience for over two hours of responding to highly structured questions from the Moderator and other Umu Aro who joined all from over the world. 

Umu Aro in attendance during the session expressed their disappointment with Mazi Dozie Udensi for avoiding the debate as planned and communicated with him long before the set date. 

In his reaction to this disappointing incidence,  Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu challenged Mazi Nnadozie Udensi to another debate citing reasons that it will be a honourable thing for them to come to umu Aro through this debate and have a conversation about what their future leadership will look like by the time any of them wins. Kingmoore in his closing remarks said and I quote “I challenge my brother Sir Nnadozie Udensi to choose his personal aides to organize a debate, set a date, time and venue then communicate that with me, I will honour that so that we can all have avenue to talk to Umu Aro on our plans for them while asking for their votes”.

Kingmoore is willing and eager to attend any debate (Virtual Or Physical) his counterpart will host in regards to the Nzuko Aro General Election coming up on 16/04/2022 to help them share views and visions on how to take Arochukwu Kingdom to the promise land.

The moderator of the event Pastor Sam Okereke told Aro Okeigbo Blog that he had approached Mazi Udensi severally and encouraged him to attend the session which is the best way to sell his candidacy.

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