New Year Message From Bond Ohuche – Abia AA Governor Candidate

Dear Abians We give thanks to the Almighty God for allowing us the privilege to witness another New Year. 2022 was a tumultuous year filled with many difficulties and triumphs. Inspite of all, Jehovah kept us and did not allow us to be victims.
Ndi Abia the God we serve is a prayer answering God , that is why I believe that through this year’s elections He is about to deliver Abia from the many years of catastrophic leadership.

Through the
instrumentality of this year’s ballot, we Abians have the opportunity to work in partnership with the Almighty God to put in place the kind of leadership that will deliver on the dividends of democracy which have eluded Abia for long. I believe strongly that the Nzoputa Abia 2023 project is that leadership. Through the Nzopota Abia 2023 project, we shall change the fortunes of Abia by implementing people oriented programmes focused on Wealth Creation, Improving Access to Healthcare , Relevant Education and so many others. I urge you to get your PVCs and vote in the Credible alternative.

Happy New Year
Chief Bond Ohuche (Omeiheukwu)

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