CRIME: Three brothers arrested in Umukeokpa over killing of their senior brother

The umuokeokpa community in oba, Anambra state was penultimate month literally on fire, following the conspiracy of three brothers onyeze nwaobodo Ezeudu  nwaobodo and nzekwe nwaobodo  which led to the gruesome murder of their elder brother nzubechukwu  nwaobodo over improperly partitioned lands and noncompliance over advice to join them in their traditional religion As a result, the police on a tip off went after the fleeing murderers ransacked the community , nabbed and detained them , the younger brother of the deceased ,NZE chinua nwaobodo who spoke to disclosed that his three evil brothers had In many  occasions threatened the deceased with death should he continue to evade their request to not only properly partition their properties but quite his Christan religion to join them in the traditional religion bequeathed to them by their late parents .
According to Nze chinua nwaobodo we all thought it was a mere threat from disgruntled idol worshippers until that faithful night in February 1st 2007 when much wailing from nzubechukwu house jolted me up from sleep.i was shocking as  i was confronted with the lifeless body of my brother nzubechukwu in the pool of his own blood when his wife and children told me who the murderers were,I quickly rushed out to confront them only for them to unabashedly threatened me with the same fate should I continue in my recalcitrancy continuing,Nze chinua nwaobodo stated that he encouraged by some angry neighbors to bring in the police who subsequently arrested the fleeing murderes my brothers were not only after the head of nzubechukwu but also his only son Francis ndubisi nwaobodo who to the glory of God hid himself under the bed when the struck broke their house and murdered his father investigation by revealed that heartbroken Mrs nzubechukwu nwaobodo fearing that the murderers might return to kill her only son Francis ndubisi nwaobodo quickly took him and his siblings to her maiden home to safeguard them.
A leader in umuokeokpa community Nze Goddy onwukwube community disclosed that they were shocked at such brazen exhibition of wickedness by the murderers swearing to stop at nothing to Ostracize the murderers from the community Here, we do not force people to a particular religion .we have freedom of worship ,they have no right to take anybody’s life 
THe D.P.O. of oba poilce Division DSP Cyril Nkume told journalist in his office that the culprits have been moved to the state police command Awaka for prosecution

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