Let’s Save The Future Now And Redefine Leadership, The Ned example

 Let’s Save the Future now and Redefine Leadership, The Ned example.

Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu is a humane, illustrious Son and pragmatic and a selfless leader which is evident in his charisma in carrying other councilors along as the 5th Legislative Deputy Leader of Arochukwu LGA.

As a Youth, Ned has carved himself a niche in human capacity building, Shown Astute Leadership, and remains committed to empowering the people of his constituency as his name bugles as a household name in empowerment. 

Ned as he is fondly called does not believe in enslaving subordinates to command loyalty but believes that when you empower people, they become eternally indebted to you as the anchor head to their success.

Leadership is evident when followers become Stronger vessels in the hands of their leader as is in the case of Rt. Honorable Ijioma Ogbonnaya Chinedu who has in numerous ways impacted positively as the 5th deputy leader of the Arochukwu LGA council.

What more can we say about the touring credentials of The Honourable Ijioma Ogbonnaya Chinedu..? he has remained resolute and unwavering in listening and addressing most of the plights of the people of Arochukwu LGA as a deputy Leader.

How best can we appreciate and reciprocate the uncommon attributes of Honourable Ijioma Ogbonnaya Chinedu if not by enthroning him to represent the People of Arochukwu in the State House of Assembly.

The time to act is now.

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