11 Notable Abandoned Projects By Hon. Uko Nkole


 Mr. Abandoned projects, the Uko Nkole example.

Written By: Onoh Chukwuma Richard

It is only paid agents that will market a bad product like Uko Nkole for Senate. Surprisingly, it’s not their fault because their motivation is because of money and not on the conviction that he is a good product hence when the money stops coming, they ditch him for the highest bidder.

Mr. Abandoned Project, heavyweight champion in project dragging is not new to the good people of Arochukwu/Ohafia and we know what a comrado like him represents.

If Uko can Abandon 11 projects in his clan, needless to lament over uncompleted projects in other clans.


They say charity begins at home and Uko has blessed his people with the following Abandoned projects

1) Attraction of Songhai Farms in Ozu Abam. According to Nkole, this project when completed has the capacity of employing over 100000 Abians.

2) Abam Surface Water Scheme and Treatment Plant- Attracted since 2016 is yet to be completed. The place is now a harboring site for reptiles.



4) Rehabilitation of Ndi Ebe Abam bailey bridge attracted since 2017 is yet to be fully completed.

5) Extension of Electricity at Ahuma Abam- yet to be completed.

6) Rehabilitation of Ozu Abam-Oboro-Okagwe Ohafia road- work has stopped on the site since it was attracted.

7) Block of Classrooms at Okweji Memorial Primary School, Ozu Abam- work is still at lintel level since it was attracted.


8) Construction of Ndi Eze Ogo Town Hall, Ozu Abam- yet to be completed

9) Construction of Arochukwu/Ohafia bridge (Omenuko Bridge, Igwu River, Ozu Abam- work has stopped on the site.

10) Construction of Ndi Okorie-Eziafor-Atan- Ndi Oji Abam Ring Road by the Abia State Government, attracted by Hon. Uko Nkole- work is yet to commence on the site.

11) The rehabilitation of Amaogbu-Abam road and Ndi Nkpachara -Eze Ogo Road, Ozu Aba- work is yet to commence on the site among others.


We should be mindful of the aggrandizement of Uko by paid agents.


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