Labour Leader Reinstated by New Provost of Arochukwu College of Education

In a significant turn of events, Mr. Kelvin Egesi, the former COEASU Chairman of Abia State College of Education, Technical Arochukwu who was previously sacked by the former Provost, Philip Nto, has been reinstated. The decision came from the recently appointed Provost, Ikechukwu Okorouga, who issued a letter through the establishment officer, Njoku Ogbonnaya, acting on behalf of the registrar, directing Mr. Kelvin Egesi to immediately resume his duties.

Mr. Egesi, who also served as the Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of the institution before his dismissal, can now return to his important role in representing the academic staff. This development is expected to bring a sense of relief and renewed optimism among the college’s faculty members, who have been eagerly awaiting Mr. Egesi’s reinstatement.

The decision to reinstate Mr. Egesi demonstrates the new administration’s commitment to resolving internal disputes and ensuring fairness within the college. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, Mr. Egesi is likely to play a vital role in fostering a positive working environment and advocating for the interests of the academic staff.

As Mr. Kelvin Egesi resumes his responsibilities, it remains to be seen how his reinstatement will impact the overall dynamics and functioning of Arochukwu College of Education. Many are hopeful that this move will pave the way for improved relations between the administration and the academic staff, leading to enhanced productivity and a more harmonious educational environment.

This reinstatement marks a significant milestone in the college’s journey towards progress and stability, and it will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion among the college community in the days to come.

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