Wahab Hammed, a murder suspect, admitted that he and his companion Adegoke Ayobami, 31, planned to kill Oguntade Wasiu because the latter was earning more money than the two of them. Hammed is 28 years old.

In response to queries from reporters during the suspect parade by the Osun State Police Command at its headquarters in Osogbo, Hammed said that he and Ayobami were acquainted with the dead and that they too participated in Internet fraud, which netted Wasiu more money than the two of them.

“I am a tailor by trade, and I have a store, but I also ride a motorcycle to get extra money,” he said. I’m from the Adesiyan compound in Modakeke. I also engaged in online fraud, although I was never successful in making any money.

Wasiu was Ayobami’s friend. Through Ayobami, I got to know him, and he was involved online fraud. Before we became friends more than a year ago, he was into Yahoo.

“I and Ayobami killed Wasiu because he constantly boasted about his accomplishments, how much money he was making through internet fraud, and how he flaunted his victories, such as building a shop for his wife, purchasing gold, and many other things. All of these made me feel sad and envious of him.

“And I’ve always wanted to get my hands on his money so I can use it to support myself.

He was assassinated on August 8, 2022. He came to me and said he wanted to acquire some land, so we enticed him to a new location. I took him to a location in Modakeke with Ayobami. I was in the lead, Wasiu followed, and Ayobami was in the rear as we made our way back after inspecting the area. Holding him by the jugular, Ayobami used a cutlass to hit him in the head while yelling.

“We never intended to kill him; our only goal was to extort money from him, but Ayobami eventually did so. A few days later, I went to the police station to report myself.

After the investigation is complete, the suspects will be arraigned in court, according to Police Commissioner Olawale Olokode.

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