I Can’t Continue The Primaries Is Already Manipulated – Cookey Nwachukwu


Withdrawal From PDP Primary Election for Ikwuano State Constituency 

The primary reason why democracy is generally viewed as the most representative form of government is because the processes that lead to the election of leaders are representative of the wishes of majority of the people.  This has been the practice globally.

Even in our flawed democratic process in Nigeria, there is still a process that allows contestants to at least stand the chance of being chosen by the people. 

Unfortunately, the events leading up to the  primaries of the Ikwuano State Constituency of our party, the People‚Äôs Democratic Party (PDP) have been mired by misinformation, lack of transparency, underhandedness and concerted effort to ensure that most of the contestants are denied the chance to at least contest in a level playing field. 

These events, including but not limited to the denial of statutory delegates the right to vote, releasing the 3man adhoc list at the last minute, all show that FairPlay and respecting the tenets of democracy were never the plan. 

I am therefore withdrawing from the contest as my keen sense of doing things the right way will not allow me participate in the Primaries.

I urge all my supporters and well wishers to remain calm and peaceful. 

Comrade Cokey Lordson Nwachukwu.

PDP House Of Assembly Aspirant 2022/2023.

May 22, 2022.

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