How To Write A Scholarship Letter Of Intent (with PDF Samples)

Are you looking to apply for a scholarship? An expression of intention is required. This article will guide you in writing excellent scholarship letter of intent (LOI) to support your application for a scholarship. Additionally, in this article, we’ve put up some PDF samples of letters of intent to use for the application for a scholarship. Download these LOI templates and then study them at your own pace.


You will be taught what follows:

  1. What exactly is a letter intention (LOI)?
  2. Parts of a letter of intent (LOI)
  3. What should you not include in an expression of intent letter
  4. Letter format for letters of intention
  5. Sample Scholarship letter of intent
  6. Sample Scholarship letter of intent pdf
  7. Examples of Scholarship Letter of intents(LOI Templates)
  • Letter of intention from parents
  • Letter of intent to apply for master’s degree
  • Letter of intent to apply for financial assistance

8. Conclusion


A letter of intent is generally a document that conveys the writer’s thoughts to the readers. Suppose it is an award of a prize for a scholarship. In that case, the letter of intent could be described as an assertion of purpose, where you write about your plans for the future, whether in university or afterwards and accompanied by your academic background and extracurricular activities to prove that you’re most qualified for the scholarship. The letter could refer to a statement of intention for a government scholarship, similar to an intent letter to receive a Turkish scholarship. The goal of this letter of intent to apply for a scholarship is to convey your motivations for choosing this specific course of study.


In this letter, you can include information about yourself that you think will impress the Committee. Let’s look at the various components of an effective letter of intention.


What’s a letter of intent to apply for a scholarship? There are a variety of university guidelines. Suppose it’s a note of intent to apply for a scholarship sample in the Philippines or a bursary-related note of intent. In that case, each letter of intent should contain specific details crucial to meeting its goal. Follow along with the next elements of a letter of intent.

  • Letterhead
  • Paragraph 1 Introduction and educational objectives
  • Paragraph 2: Academic record before the previous one.
  • Paragraph 3: Work- relevant experience and knowledge
  • 4. Future long-term and short-term goals


A cover letter for an interview or company has a postal address on top. Also, an expression of interest in applying for a scholarship. It should have the address of the person sending it on the right-hand side and then the date. The address of the receiver will be displayed in the middle.

Paragraph 1: Introduction and Educational Goals

Once you have introduced yourself, you then begin reviewing your study plan. This means you need to connect the study program you’re looking to pursue at the institution you’re applying to. Continue to consider how the subjects of your degree relate to the career goals you have.


Paragraph 2: Previous Academic Record

In paragraphs 2 and 3, you have the chance to showcase how enthusiastic you are about the subject of studying. In particular, in paragraph 2, you will be able to discuss your educational background, your courses, and the knowledge you’ve learned up to now.

Paragraph 3: Work-related knowledge and experience

Therefore, you should have experience in the field. That’s why you’re seeking the scholarship – to pursue a program that will help you advance your career path by listing your short-term and long-term goals. Therefore, tell the Committee about the scholarship. Inform them of the seriousness you take this endeavour by submitting a letter of intent to apply for a school scholarship.

Paragraph 4 Future short and long-term goals

In the final paragraphs of your letter, you should be clear about how committed you are to your career and include your short-term and long-term goals. So, this letter of intent to be a scholarship template sounds thoughtful and resounding with many ideas.


The layout and structure of your LOI are just as important as the content. This means you need to focus on how to make the letter of intent eye-appealing and delicious. Only a well-crafted letter of intent for scholarship format will allow you to do that. Here are some guidelines:

  • The maximum number of pages is 2
  • Create a 1-inch border on all sides.
  • The content should be left-aligned
  • Line spacing is 1 or 1. 5 inches
  • Double spacing between paragraphs
  • Send your letter of intent in an electronic format such as a PDF


In the section on Parts of a Scholarship letter of intent, we covered the specific information that needs to be included when writing a letter of intent. This article will provide more tips for writing a captivating letter of intent by listing the things you shouldn’t do when you write a letter of intent.

  • Do not repeat the information on your CV.
  • Don’t use a boring introduction.
  • Don’t worry about making the sound of the letter multiple
  • Do not compose your letter at the very last minute
  • Do not forget to proofread

Do not repeat what’s included in your CV.

A CV can be described as a resume, and your letter of intent is your statement of intention for scholarships. There are indeed areas where the two documents could be compatible (e.g. educational experience, work experience or other). However, you’d be able to agree that none of the details of your job duties is contained on your CV. If not, keep them in the sample letter of intent to submit a request for a scholarship.

Don’t use a flat introduction.

In the example letter of intent to submit for applications for scholarships, the letter of intent is required to be interesting. The university’s Committee will review your application if an engaging introduction accompanies your letter. It doesn’t need to be boring. In the next example of a letter of intent to apply for a scholarship, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be extremely interesting.

Do not fret about creating letters that sound funny.

Do you want to take the attention of your Committee? Fantastic, sounding positive in your letter of intent for the school is crucial. However, making it seem humorous could backfire against you. Why? Because what’s humorous to you might not be entertaining to the person reading it. So, you may not be at the same level as the other person. Why risk denying your admission into the institution? Thus, you’re advised to stay positive and goal-oriented.

Do not write your LOI at the last second.

This should not be overlooked. Writing your letter of intent to apply for the scholarship is vital. If you don’t, you might miss important information that needs to be included. Begin writing your letter of intent for your first year of scholarship. It is not a way to go.

Make sure you proofread your LOU.

You may be satisfied with the contents of your LOU. However, when it comes to the format of the letters of intent to be considered for scholarships, mistakes in spelling, grammar and grammatical are not considered a problem in the eyes of the panel. They’ll be significant weight when a reader reads your scholarship letter template, so proofread. It is vitally important.


Based on the outline, content and suggestions mentioned above, we’ve compiled an example of a letter of intent for scholarships to make the idea come to life. This is a sample letter of intent for scholarships from Jasmine Tigers, who plans to pursue a degree in International Marketing Management at the University of Texas. This template can be a reference when writing your letter of intent. If you’re not able to find any scholarships yet, check out these current master’s scholarships which you can apply for now.

Jasmine Tigers,

55, Wellspring Street,

St Catherine, Ontario,


21 – 09 – 2020

Admission Committee,

The University of Texas,

Austin, Texas

United States of America

Dear Committee,

I am Jasmine Tigers. I am very happy to have a chance to apply for a grant to pursue a degree in International Marketing Management at the University of Texas. I want to get an advanced degree in this course, as it will enhance my previous degree in advertising and public relations and incorporate my experience from my job.

I feel like an insatiably enthusiastic marketer. I’ve always had an inexplicably intense desire to promote products and services which improve our quality of life. This passion led me to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Advertising here in Ontario. As I studied, I got familiar with various practices that aid in marketing strategies and help support corporate social responsibility. The course has made me fully involved in the field of advertising. I was the main organizer of projects and workshops on public awareness. I also volunteered for school-related campaigns on campus with impressive results.

My experience at work was an expansion of the record I had set for myself. I was appointed the Assistant PR for two news agencies and the Director of Advertising for a media company. I create PR strategies and campaigns, monitor the public opinion of my clients in my organization, and keep the image I want for my employers. My contributions to the organizations I work for have led to my satisfaction as an employee of the year.

My goal for the near future includes obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Marketing Management. I want to gain exposure to the more general elements of the field. In particular, my long-term ambition is to manage an organization that is an international company that has an international public.

I’m looking forward to discussing ways to exchange ideas to implement the department’s goals and mine.

Best Regards,

Jasmine Tigers.


So, we hope you had fun reading the sample of intent letter for scholarships. This is a great guide to follow. You can download the PDF version right in this article. It’s a PDF download letter of intent for scholarships. Click here to get the letter of intent template.

Download Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarship


Parents, Are you looking to get your child to be awarded an award of a scholarship? Here’s a suggestion to do. Create a stunning letter in the form of an intent letter for a scholarship. This example of an intent letter to be used for scholarships would provide a glimpse of what we are talking about:

Download Letter of Intent (LOI) for Scholarship From Parents


Are you planning to pursue a degree at a postgraduate stage? I understood. Let’s get this right. A scholarship letter of intention for the MSc degree should contain the correct details to attract interest from the panel. Here is an example letter of intent for a scholarship.

Download Scholarship Letter of Intent (LOI) for Masters’ Degree


What happens if you’re keen to study in a postgraduate program but don’t have the money to continue your studies. What can you do to write an attractive letter of intention to be seeking financial assistance? This sample letter of intent for scholarships will help answer that question. Click here to download the template.

Download Scholarship Letter for Financial Assistance


A letter of intention (LOI) to be awarded a scholarship is a declaration of intent which must be written in a structured way. Education background, experience, and work experience must be recorded. You’ll find these details in the sample letters of intent for the application for a scholarship. If you follow the guidelines carefully, you’ll have a superb letter of intent to be used for scholarship applications.


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