How To Cook Delicious Ikoko



Yes I know, you are suprised how possible it is for one to learn how to cook ikoko online, you don’t have to be suprised but tell me to cover my face I am already doing it. Can you just imagine that this is the first Arochukwu Indigenous recipe I am posting on Aro Blog. It’s actually the first Arochukwu food I am posting on the blog. I need to teach my follow guys how to cook incase if their spouse, mother or girlfriend is not around.

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So tell me, How do you prepare your ikoko recipe?

The number one rule for me is that a good and delicious ikoko must be soggy. Yea, i mean soggy. Aren’t no one gat time for that. The second rule is that it must be super flavored with our local fishes, such as busum or Azi Amasu. Considering the fact that Ikoko takes time to prepare and bit stressful to cook it, isn’t a good reason for yours not to be sweet like mine This means that lots of the magic needs to happen way before the Ikoko goes into the sauce.

Ingredients For a Good Quality Ikoko

1 big tuber water yam


10 habanero pepper (blended)

1 onion bulb (chopped)

1 cup palm oil

1/2 cup crayfish (ground)

2 big bunch pumpkin leaf

1 big smoked fish

7 knorr cube

to taste Salt

How To Use the Ingredients And Cook Your Ikoko

Peel water yam, wash and grate add little salt then leave it for a while in the tray pan, this is to enable the salt soak into the already grate water yam.

Pour oil in your preferred pot for the cooking, slice and add your onion then leave it for a while for the onion to dry off water in it body, then pour water inside the pot, add pepper stir and add knorr cube, salt.

Allow water to boil for 10min.Then wash dry fish and smoked fish with warm water add to sauce after 5min, remove only the smoked fish.

Wash pumpkin, slice one bunch and use the other bunch by opening each leaf then fill with grated water yam then throw inside the boiling sauce.

Continue until the grated water yam is exhausted, then pour crayfish, cover the pot allow to cook for 5min then add slice pumpkin leaf.

Then stir everything together after 2min.

Serve meal with smoked fish.


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