Hon Chinedu Ijoma Encourages Youth To Seek Peace And Progress in Our Society

The deputy Leader of the 5th Arochukwu Legislative Council, Hon Chinedu Ijoma has encouraged the Youths of Arochukwu Lga to always maintain peaceful relationship and coexistence between Youths in communities and Clans of Arochukwu Local Government Areas.

The statement was made by Hon. Chinedu Ijoma, on interaction with newsmen during the birthday event of Hon Prince Dan, the Executive Chairman Arochukwu Lga.

While counseling the Youths on setting pace towards peace, unity and progress, Hon. Chinedu also described Arochukwu Lga Boss as a Youth-friendly and Peaceful Leader that has proven beyond all doubts to be outstanding in all ramifications that only quality Leadership can attest.

He further expressed an immense joy and gratitude to God for a kind of Leader like Hon Prince Dan, whom has Piloted the affairs of the Lga in the direction of God and love to all. 

Hon Chinedu also encouraged Arochukwu Youths to become courageous in the pursuit of life, hard working, peacefulness, tranquility, tolerant and generous in the aspectual quests for a prosperous and successful future. 

“Emulate good Leadership like that of Hon Prince Dan and others in Arochukwu Lga, only then shall a better society be ascertained and achieved”, He added.

Hon. Chinedu promised to be reaching out to Youths consecutively and at all time, to ensure they are empowered and provided with amenities that may help perfect the quest for a peaceful and progressive Arochukwu Lga.

The Youths in turn commended the efforts of the Executive Chairman of the Council, Hon. Prince Dan and the Legislator, Hon Ned Ijoma for taking Arochukwu Lga to greater heights towards peace and progress. 

Youths also Described the Leaders as Political pericles, that has been brought together by fortune, to work and develop Arochukwu Lga more as best Leaders amongst others in sands of history.

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