Good News For Arochukwu Youths As Hon Nnaemeka Set To Empower Them


Hon. Nnaemeka Oti is set to put a smile on the faces of Arochukwu L.G.A Youths as he is set to train zealous youths across the L.G.A on their preferred choice of handwork.

The honourable who stated this during an online interaction between him and a correspondence of Aro Okeigbo Blog disclosed that his Empowerment Programme is aimed at getting youths of Arochukwu Local Government engaged with a meaningful skill which will help in sustaining them for a better living tomorrow.

According to the Honourable, he disclosed that with the help of his team members he has carried out a thorough research and findings across the Arochukwu Local Government and found out that most youths of Arochukwu Local Government have passion for handiwork and entrepreneurship skill but lacks platforms or an individual who can sponsor them.

Prior to this, they now engaged in activities that doesn’t give them and the society they live in a good name.

During the interactive section, Hon. Nnaemeka noted that the Empowerment Programme is focused on Youth across the Arochukwu Local Government, he added that it is out of his love and passion seeing youths of our generation engage in a meaningful skill moved him to start up the Empowerment scheme which will help the beneficiaries see the light of a new future.

From the information gathered during the online interactive section, the Empowerment scheme is not ending anytime soon as some may think it’s because of his political aspiration.

Hon. Nnaemeka disclosed that the Empowerment scheme will be a batch by batch scheme as new set of people will be recruited immediately after any outgoing batch are freed from the training.

The Empowerment Programme which is scheduled to commence by end of February or March is not just limited to training of participants but will create a room for Business apprenticeship, recruitment of individuals (Graduates) for job opportunities and giving a start up kits for the participants of every batch.

Hon. Nnaemeka Oti used the medium to pray for God’s financial assistance which will help in sustaining the initiative and beseeched Arochukwu Youths to take this serious.

The Procedure for online registration will be communicated later but requires physical presence of applicants during the training.

Download And fill the above form then submit to your Clan Coordinator.

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