EZE ARO BURIAL: President Buhari Sends Message to Aro People


The Nigerian President and commander in chief of the Armed Forces  Mr. Buhari sent his Solace to the Family of the late Eze Aro, Maazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro.

This Solace message is not only for the family but to the entire Arochukwu Kingdom at large on the death of their legendary King, Maazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro, CFR.

Maazi Vincent has spent the total of 89 years on Earth, and served the Aro Kingdom for 25 years sequel to his ascending on the throne since 1995.


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During the condolence message, The President of Nigeria described the Aro Monarch as an advocate of Nationalism, a statesman and selfless first class King in the history of Nigeria, describing him as one who values contributions for the betterment of the Aro Kingdom including their culture and tradition which is one of the values in our Nigerian Nation Building.

The Nigerian President disclosed that, Nigeria has lost and senior statesman, an academic guru and well recognized Nationalist who has led the Aro Kingdom for the past Twenty Five Years (25 Years).

The president who noted that the late Eze Aro was among the founding individuals in the department of Laboratory Technology in the University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu.

The Nigerian President added that on behalf of him and the entire Nigeria, the Federal Government and the entire Nigerians sends their heart felt sympathy to Aros at home and in the diaspora, and to the Abia state Government. He prayed that the departed Eze Aro will find Solace In the sight of God and for God to comfort all those that the late Eze Aro death affects and the inconveniences it might have brought them.


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The late monarch transition activities and the committee for his rites of passage has been up and doing, involving all the Aro indigens at home and in diaspora who are believed to come from the Aro Kingdom.

The Chairman planning Committee for the burial rites is the renowned Professor of history, Maazi Okoro Ijoma who has earlier now disclosed that the burial rites will commence from 2nd of April 2021 to 5th April 2021.

The Chairman further expressed his heart felt appreciate to everyone for their immense contributions, cooperation and commitment towards the success of the Eze Aro burial.

The below is the event Schedule for the fulfilment of the Burial Rites Of The Eze Aro.

The cultural events program of the National Rites of Passage for the late Eze Aro, Mazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro, CFR

1). 2nd April, 2021 (Friday, Orie):

 • Events start at night with Itisu Mmadi. 

 • Ekpe Aro enters Eze Aro Palace, performs throughout the night and dwells  there to perform daily till April 6th 2021 morning. 

2). 3rd April, 2021 (Saturday, Avor):

 • Ndi Ekpe continue to perform;

 • Some cultural dances and music available to entertain guests.

3). 4th April 2021, (Sunday,Nkwo):

  • Ekpe Aro with Inyankpe go round Arochukwu villages accompanied by Iyamba women group and some key members of late Eze Aro’s family. 

 • Some cultural dances and music shall continue at the palace to entertain guests 

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4). 5th April 2021, (Monday, Eke):

      This is the main event day.

 • Ekpe Aro will perform in full from 9am. 

 • Nine Ekpe masquerades to perform, starting with Ekong and ends with Mboko. 

 • Various traditional dances and masquerades are available to entertain guests. Good entertainments avail. 

 • Eze Aro to be laid to rest after all the Ekpe masquerades have paid him their last respect as the traditional Head of Ekpe Aro Society. (Izii ya Ekpe).

 • Mboko will display last, specially at this point, and Eze Aro is royally rested followed with 21 cannon salutes.. 

 • Condolence Visits from In-laws, friends and well wishers are welcomed this day.  

5). 6th April 2021 (Tuesday, Orie):

 • Ndi Ekpe will clean up their site (ikpopu ntu Ekpe) and vacate the palace followed with 7 cannon shots early that morning. 

Note: several cannon shots will be intermittently released daily at Oror village especially at special sequence on the 5th April 2021, the main event day.


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