Evicted members of bbnaija this week

 Kess, Pharrmsavi were kicked out on August 21 in Nigeria.

The live eviction show today was quite exciting. Ebuka had us on the edge of our seats by obliquely dropping hints. Ebuka moved to the Level 2 House to continue the day’s business after Iyanya’s performance.

Kess was to be the fifth housemate to be kicked out of the Big Brother house. Kess, who told Big Brother earlier today in his Eviction Diary Session that he had a 9.8/10 chance of making it through nominations, got up as Ebuka announced his name and went to say farewell to the other Housemates. He spoke something quietly to Chizzy and

Today’s Live Eviction Show was nothing short of thrilling. Ebuka kept us on the edge of our seats with hints that he dropped ever so casually. After Iyanya’s performance, Ebuka crossed over to the Level 2 House to proceed with the business of the day.

The 5 Housemate that was to be Evicted from the Big Brother House was Kess. After Ebuka called his name, Kess who had professed to Big Brother earlier today in his Eviction Diary Session that he had a 9.8/10 chance of surviving Nominations, got proceeded to bid his fellow Housemates goodbye. He inaudibly exchanged words with Chizzy and they hugged before he walked towards the exit doorarrmsavi was the 6th Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. When Ebuka called Pharmsavi’s name, he maintained a stoic demeanor even after he revealed to Big Brother that he didn’t want to leave the Game during his Eviction Diary Session. Housemates were moved by his Eviction and gave Pharmsavi embraces with promises of seeing him outside the House as he made his way to the exit doors.

Pharmsavi told Ebuka that he wanted to open an NGO and educated Nigerians about social issues such as mental health and sexual abuse in his interview with him on stage. We had a look at his time in the House and were entertained by his dance moves and quirky

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