Emenike support group lambasts Abia State Government over the collapse of critical sectors

 Emenike support group lambasts Abia State Government over the collapse of critical sectors

The Emenike Movement, a group supporting the emergence of High Chief Ikechi Emenike as the Governor of Abia State, has condemned, in critical terms, what it described as the ‘collapse of critical sectors’ of the state. 

The group cited the withdrawal of the accreditation of Abia State Polytechnic by the National Board for Technical Education, and that of Abia State University Teaching Hospital by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council, as one of the worst things that have happened to Abia State since its creation. 

The group wondered why the education sector has totally collapsed under the Ikpeazu-led administration. It regrets the fact that under a Governor who prides himself as a ‘Scholar in Governance’, lecturers in the state-owned institutions of learning are owed for upward of 20 to 39 months, while the primary and secondary school teachers cannot remember when last they were paid. 

Further to this, the group described it as shameful that the health sector has also gone comatose as none of the general hospitals is functioning. This being a result of the backlog of salaries owed the health workers in the state, and the total dilapidation of infrastructure in the health facilities.

The group noted with utmost concern that all the critical sectors of the state were dying while the few still breathing are on life support and will soon go the way of others if nothing is urgently done to salvage the state from the hands of scavengers who have held the state down for the past seven years. 

It encouraged the residents of the state to get their PVCs to vote out the inept leaders, and vote in leaders who have demonstrated competence, character and courage, being virtues High Chief Ikechi Emenike represents. It went further to assure Abians that with High Chief Ikechi Emenike in the saddle as the Governor of Abia State come 2023, Abians will have a new lease of life.

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