Brief History Of Ututu Village In Arochukwu L.G.A


Ututu people are group of people living Ututu Clan in Arochukwu L. G A. of Abia State. 

 Ututu community of Arochukwu Local Governmenmrt lies in the east by Cross River and Isu Clan, in the South by Enyong and Itu Rivers/Creeks, in the North by Ihechiowa Clan and in the West by Arochukwu Clan and Nkana River/Iwerre Clan.

The name Ututu was named following the giant strides of the founder, the geological region known as Ututu represented above is named after the founder behind Ututu Clan. Mazi Otutu Ezema.


Aro Okeigbo Blog gathered that Dr. C. O. Okoreaffia, a prestigious scholar of Ututu village in Arochukwu best described and defined Ututu Community. 

As defined by him, 

“Ututu is an independent local community of 19 Villages. These Villages are divided into four major groups, which have stood the trial of settlement delineation all along of the Ututu settlement. 

The Villages that make up Ututu Village in Arochukwu Are,


Ututu Villages Group One, Ututu Akasi: comprised of 5 towns, in particular;

  •  1. Amakofia
  • 2. Eziama
  • 3. Obijoma
  • 4. Ohomja
  • 5.Ugwuogo

Ututu Villages Group Two: Ututu Eleoha: comprised of 6 towns, specifically;

  • 1. Amasa
  • 2. Amaeke
  • 3. Amankwu
  • 4. Amodu
  • 5. Nkpakpi
  • 6. Obiagwulu

Ututu Villages Group Three: Ututu Umunna Isii comprised of 4 towns, specifically;

  • 1. Amaebem
  • 2. Obiakang
  •  3. Obialuoko
  • 4. Ukwuakwu

Ututu Villages Group Four: Ututu Umu Ugwuonyiri comprised of 4 towns specifically;

  • 1. Abuma.
  • 2. Amaetiti
  • 3. Obiene
  • 4. Ubila

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