Comrade Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaob

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi is a passionate blogger, Vlogger and activist.

He hails from Arochukwu Kingdom in Abia State.

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi is the CEO of Aro Okeigbo Blog, Okeigbo Baze and Okeigbo Graphics including MyAcademics Blog.

He passionately studied Igbo Linguistics/ Christian Religious Studies in the Abia State College of Education Tech. Arochukwu.

Graduation As Igbo Linguistics

His love for politics, Culture and Traditions of the Aro People drove him to also start a   devoted Arochukwu Online Culture Promotion Platform which is concerned with the issues in  Arochukwu, Abia State and Nigeria at large.

 Aro Okeigbo Blog has grown to become a leading online blog for Arochukwu News, Abia News And Nigeria Politics.

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi being the first of five, is a guy with bunch of talents. 

Aside from Blogging, he Is a graphics designer, a writer and Vlogger.


He was born on 26 June 1999 in amasu village, a residential and commercial area of Arochukwu in Abia State.

Christian by religion,  born and brought up in the family of The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.

in his quest for good living and humanity, Nnadozie Victor Onyemaob has held so many posts within the youths department, the church and outside the church.

He was the Selby House Captain and Games Prefect of the famous Glorious Vision Seminary  Aba (GLOVISA), in Osisioma LGA 2017 – 2018.


The President Presbyterian Students Fellowship ASCETA Chapter 2019 till 2021.

PYPAN Amannagwu  Fin Sec, and Arochukwu Presbytery PYPAN P.R.O (present).

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaob has as well received Various awards from different organization in and outside Arochukwu.

As at March 31 2022, The Methodist church, Arochukwu Circuit Honored Him With An Award Of A Pace Setter following his giant strides in caring and protection the rights of the people around him.



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