Chidimma is From Imo State Not Arochukwu – Sister Disclosed



A family member of the now famous Chidimma the murderer of SuperTv CEO, Usifo Ataga has revealed the real identity of Chidimma, the family member who revealed yet to know on the identity of Chidimma described Chidimma as rebellious daughter of a widower.

According to a family source, by name chioma told journalists that Chidimma hails from Mba ise in Imo State and not Arochukwu in Abia State.


The revealing of this long hidden truth followed the cold murder of SuperTv owner, Mr Usifo Ataga on Wednesday last week.

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Mr. Usifo Ataga was stabbed on the neck several times by Chidimma as confessed by the murderer. The murderer incident occurred in a hotel room where Mr. Usifo and his side chick lodged to have fun 


According to a news source, they disclosed that Chidimma hails from Imo state as stated earlier. It was said that Chidimma disowned her mother many year ago, it was also stated that the first problem of Chidimma identity started when she changed her name from Chidimma Blessing Echefu to Chidimma Ojukwu Adaora.

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Her sibling known as Chioma told newsmen that they lost their dad when Chidimma was just two years old, then making her mother a widower.

Chidimmas mother is said to have married another man but notwithstanding she is still taking care of her already born children including Chidimma.


After the demise of Chidimma’s dad, her lifestyle changed negatively as her mother is always seen shouting at her.

Chidimma started smoking at the age of 11 which always get her mother provoked when ever she noticed that her child has smoked again.

This misunderstanding continued in the family as Chidimma’s mother now decided to be taking Chidimma to her uncles house to help train Chidimma with a man’s pattern.

Chidimmas uncle stays in mushin part of Lagos where she was also thrown out after being caught on several occasions smoking.


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It was because of her rebellious attitude that made her disown her family as she thinks they are abstaining her from living the lifestyle that makes her feel safe, it was at this point that she met the son of Mazi Isaac Okwara Onoh in Agbagwu village Arochukwu, who started taking care of Chidimma at his residence in yaba Lagos, where she was picked last week.

Her mother who presently resides in Mowe area in Ogun state said that she has never set her eye on Chidimma for over 10 years now, Chidimma’s sister confirmed this when she visited her in the state criminal investigation and intelligence Department, SCIID, Yaba in Lagos State.

Her sister Chioma confirmed that they are from Imo state, stating that Mr. Ojukwu who was alongside arrested with Chidimma is not their family relative making it more clearer that they are from Imo state and not Arochukwu as earlier disclosed by Chidimma.



Moreover, Chidimma is still in the custody of the state criminal investigation and intelligence Department SCIID in Lagos.

Please spread the news, Arochukwu girls don’t kill.


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