29 MONTHS UNPAID SALARY: ASCETA Lecture Calls on Ikpeazu


A lecturer of the Abia State College of Education (Technical) Arochukwu who is also believed to be the Chairman College of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU) has called the attention of the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu on the sorry state of the college of Education situated in Arochukwu, which is the only state owned college of education in the State.

The Lecturer who through an open letter disclose that life is now miserable for the staffs and workers of the college, stating their inability to provide for their various families upon their academic qualifications.

The Lecturer who called on the Governor to come to their aid disclosed that so many things has been going wrong in the college for a very long time now. 29 months unpaid salary, Non Remittance of over 50 months deducted check – off dues of the union.

Read letter below,

Open letter to Gov. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD.

By  Egesi, Onyemaechi  Kevin.

Dear Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu



I heartily give accolade to you, our education friendly Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu for your style of governance. On the strength of the above, I write with utmost respect and passionately draw your esteemed attention to the myriads of challenges that have continued to threaten our livelihood and create a state of tension, fear, hopelessness and frustration as well as stifle the productivity beyond unimaginable proportions.

I rely on your Excellency’s human and fatherly disposition to solicit for the dispatch of the necessary actions needed to bring succor to our pitiable and painful condition as I chronicle some of the critical issues of deep concern below:

1. Non-implementation of the approved salary structure for colleges of education and polytechnics (COMPCASS & CONTEDISS).

Since 2011 to date we remain the only college of Education in Nigeria yet to be paid with this structure.

2. Non- payment of Twenty- Nine (29) Month’s salary arrears.

The duality of this particular issue is that we cannot feed our families again. Many are dying of hunger and starvation on daily basis. 

3. Non-implementation of promotional benefit since 2008.

The very few promotional exercise carried out in the college were done in principle without financial implications. The relationship between motivation and workers effectiveness and productivity can never be over emphasized. Thus, the effect of this denial on the moral and performance of our workers is critically significant.

4. Non- remittance of over 50 months deducted check- off dues of the unions.

This is very provocative and capable of breaching the relative prevailing peace in the college and state as the various unions in the college are denied the right to perform their constitutional obligations to their members and the college community.

Our prayer:

1.Upward review of the college subvention to accommodate the implementation of the salary structure for Colleges of Education and Polytechnics (CONPCASS & CONTEDISS).

2. Liquidation of 29 months’ salary arrears owned the workers.

3. Implementation of promotions with full financial benefits.

4. Payment of arrears of deducted check-off dues into the union account and direct the remittance of subsequent ones as soon as salaries are paid.

Your Excellency sir, we believe that your benevolent disposition and love for education will provoke the urgent reaction required to provide lasting solutions to our requests. We continue to pledge our unalloyed support to your Government and undying commitment towards repositioning the college and state for its deserved glory. Sir,  kindly save our soul.

Comrade Egesi Onyemaechi Kevin

Chairman, COEASU


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