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One video was all it took for his life to change.

After filming a video impersonating the World Rally Championship Drivers who competed in the June 2022 Safari Rally in Kenya, Kenyan comedian Arap Marindich became an internet phenomenon.


Arap Marindich’s 3 Interesting Facts and How He Started Making “Helmet” Memes  

 A funny picture of a man wearing a helmet and looking exhausted from the strain of a long drive has gone viral on social media. 

The individual is seen with another person known only as “the navigator,” and the two of them assert that they took part in a Kenyan rally called the Naivasha Safari in 2022. Kenyan comedians Arap Marindich and Tula Chemoget. 

from the sketch by Arap and Tula. Twitter, as a source However, the man and his buddies are actually comedians who pretended to be competitors in the well-known car race event while filming a spoof.


 People who post the well-liked comic images are unaware of their source or that they are actually screenshots from comedic skits. But the meme has developed into a tasty online treat. 

Three things about the individual who took the amusing helmet shot 

1. The true identity of Arap Marindich . 

Kennedy Kipkorir Lang’at is the real name of the person who created the helmet meme; Arap Marindich is his stage name. He is a Kalenjin native and is from Kenya. Join the Telegram channel now! Never miss a crucial update again! In honour of his grandfather, the 37-year-old comedian claimed he adopted the stage name “Arap Marindicht.” Tula Chemoget is the name of his pal who acted as his navigator in the skit. 

2. The clip that propelled Arap Marindich to fame Arap, who previously worked as a driver, has a relatively low profile in the comedy community


But after he and his friend Tula Chemoget performed a funny skit in which they falsely claimed to have competed in the World Rally Championship, an annual motor race competition conducted in Kenya, his popularity skyrocketed. They claimed in the little video that they had just emerged from the bush after negotiating hazardous terrain. 

 Arap confirmed that the race was challenging by claiming that they finished in 15th place, but his navigator said that they came in 21st. Their weathered looks and the emotions they sported while responding to inquiries in the video, which they later published on TikTok, are what helped the meme become so popular. Since then, screenshots of their faces from the video have gained enormous popularity, especially in Nigeria. 

3. Arap Marindich wants to protect the meme’s copyright

 Arap says he and his friend will take action to be acknowledged by businesses using the photos as he now seeks recognition for his meme. He stated: “I read the government’s message on Facebook. Anyone who wishes to utilise the photographs should first come and talk to us. We will conduct a follow-up with the businesses that make use of our photos. I’m currently trying to find a lawyer to aid me with the case.




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