Arochukwu News – Miss Arochukwu Creative Raises Alarm As Flood Threatens To Take Over Some Parts Of Obinkita

Some parts of Obinkita village has become ravaged by flood, throwing residents, shop owners and commuters in distress.


The flood, which is a result of  persistent rainfall and bad drainage system in the area has continued putting the commuters in worrisome state any day they experiences rain.

Miss Arochukwu Creative, while bemoaning the flooding situation in the Area called on the state government to save the people living in this area from being totally displaced as many of them may likely be homeless if such rain persist.

According to a post made by Miss Arochukwu Creative via her official Facebook page, she disclosed that waste from the carnal and bad drainage systems are one of the causes of the flood.

This is should have been among the priority of those in power to make sure that lives and properties are given maximum attention.


Miss Arochukwu Creative appealed to The State government to help construct better drainage systems and to help them clear existing ones, which has been unattended to for couple of years, thereby leading to spill of water on the roads, schools and houses.

This development of neglect, according to them has made it impossible for passers-by to walk through the floods to their various homes and destinations.

The most affected areas is from Along Akama Road leading to Mgbala Ekpe Obinkita.

“Flood has continued worrying this particular place anytime heavy rain falls.


We need the intervention of the government to construct new and standard drainage systems to save us from the flood.
In a Facebook post cited by Aro Okeigbo Blog, Miss Arochukwu Creative Wrote,

These pictures were taken in Obinkita village Arochukwu, and it is becoming more worrisome as flood continue throwing residents, shop owners and commuters in distress. Anytime small rain falls this particular area always keep people living around the axis homeless. Some of the causes of this persistent flood are carnal and bad drainage system.

I appeal to those in better position to salvage this situation to come to our aid, both in the state and federal level.


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