Alex Otti: An Aspiration Beyond the Allure of Governorship

 Alex Otti: An Aspiration Beyond the Allure of Governorship.


By. Ferdinand Ekeoma. 

“We are given Power, not to advance our own purposes; neither to make great show nor name in the world, but there’s only one use of power, and it’s to serve the people”-George H. Bush.

Conscious of the above truism and its practical absence in the governance of Abia state, a respected Abia son and corporate guru, Dr. Alex Otti took a rare audacious decision to quit his plum job in the bank where he held sway and recorded nationally celebrated accomplishments as an MD/CEO of the defunct Diamond bank.


Acknowledging that Abia had become a national embarrassment in the comity of states, Otti ventured into the mucky waters of Abia politics in 2014 and ran for governorship; an election he convincingly won, before his mandate was violently and viciously stolen by those who have now appended their signature of infamy and consolidated the inglorious practice of non performance which started in 1999. 


In spite of the hitches and hiccups that have hindered the actualisation of this vision which the people have come to see and embrace as their project, Otti has remained unfazed and unperturbed, instead has doubled his energy and resilience in a bid to ensure that a brand new Abia is birthed. 

Otti’s recent emergence as the governorship candidate of the Labour party has generated unprecedented reactions of positivism from the people, especially civil servants, pensioners and students. Anyone who has followed his trajectory since he joined partisan politics in 2014, would easily understand why his emergence as Labour Guber Candidate has been greeted with such joy and excitement. 


The workers, pensioners and students consider him as the most committed, consistent,passionate and courageous unofficial spokesman and defender of their cause. 

They know that his consistent issue based engagements of the state government on many occasions have forced the government to do the little it has done.

In him, they see an accomplished egg head whose aspiration is neither for economic survival nor for name recognition. 

They behold a beautiful bride devoid of baggage and braggadacio.

They believe that such a man who has shown courage, character and consistency in the face of threats and character assassination; and in a state where some people who aspired for governorship and spoke out in the past, either abandoned the cause and disappeared later, or got settled and made to align with the people they know are responsible for the woes of Abia.

Alex Otti strongly believes that Abians of all classes should be equal beneficiaries of good governance, and that the resources of the state when utilized with high sense of frugality would be enough to meet the basic development needs of Abians and make life worth living.

What stands Alex Otti out is that, majority of Abians clearly know what he stands for. His personality, and would-be policies and programs for Abia, are public knowledge, so his aspiration is neither a creation of wealth inspired exuberance, nor an adventure for self entertainment. 

As Abians are encouraged to go get their PVC and prepare for the challenges ahead,they should have it at the back of their minds that, the 2023 election in Abia is both critical and crucial, as it would decide the fate and fortunes of millions of Abians, and thus should not be trivialized.

Believe possibility…..Alex Otti is coming to timely ignite the fire needed to set Abia on the path of progress and development.


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