Alex Ekubo Origin


Alex Ekubo Origin

Today we will be discussing about the Origin of Alex Ekubo an Award winning Nollywood Actor.

So many people have been interested to know where is Alex Ekubo from some do go to some search engines and social medias to as some biographical questions about Where Is Alex Ekubo From.

Following the numerous request from our Blog users to post the Complete profile of Alex Ekubo the Nollywood actor who has won numerous awards for himself.

The truths remains that Alex Ekubo is a pure Igbo man, despite his facial look and his movie actions, Alex Ekubo is not a Yoruba Man rather an Igbo Man.

So many people will like to know which state or part of Igbo is Alex Ekubo from, dont worry yourself as we are set to review so many secrets of Alex Ekubo that so many people are yet to know.


As the name implies, Alex Ekubo is a famous Nollywood actor who hails from Ujari village in Arochukwu Ancient kingdom of Abia State. Among the 19 villages that make up the Arochukwu Kingdom, Alex Ekubo is from the Ibom Isii region of the Kingdom.

Don’t get it confused, i have mentioned two places where Alex Ekubo is from but notwithstanding i will take out my time to explain it.

In Arochukwu Kingdom, they are three major zones that comprises of the Kingdom, Namely,

  1. Okwara Agwu N’Eze Agwu Kindred
  2. Ibom Isii and
  3. Okennachi Kindred
Each of these kindred has a village that falls under it And Alex Ekubo happens to come from Ibom Isii Kindred which Ujari village falls under.
So when you asked of the origin of Alex Ekubo, know that Alex Ekubo is from Ujari village in Arochukwu Kingdom of Abia State.

Alex Ekubo was born in Portharcourt, Rivers State where her parents resides as at the time of his birth.
The name of his mother is, Jane Ekubo who happens to be a fashion designer and also a business woman.
The name of Alex Ekubo father is, Mazi Alex Ekubo Okwaraeke who is a Patrol Marketer in Portharcourt Rivers State.

Alex Ekubo scared through in the Nigerian movie industry following his ability to perfect every given role assigned to him in the movie industry and using his fine boy facial look as a added advantage.

Alex Ekubo started making wave in 2010 after he enjoined other contestants to contend during the 2010 Mr. Nigeria Pageantry Contest. Luckily for him, he was one of the first three runner ups and that really helped in paving way for him in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

As a talented actor that he is, he has featured in so many top level Nigerian movies andd has perfected all the roles assigned to him which help in writing his name boldly in the Nigerian movie production company.

It May interest you to know that Alex Ekubo first joined filming or the Nigerian movie industry in 2005 when he was assigned a minor role in a movie titled, Sinners in the House.

Alex Ekubo is 36 years old as at 2022, he was born on 10th April 1986 in Portharcourt, Rivers State.
Alex is not yet married despite all his popularity in the Nigerian movie industry.
Sad enough, Alex Ekubo would have gotten married in ealier 2021 but his acclaimed fiancĂ©e, Fancy Acholonu called off the marriage following a reason whch she described as Alex Ekubo inability to be straight forward and open up.
Alex Ekubo has won many awards for himself following his act of professionalism in the Nollywood movie industry.
Some of the awards includes,

  • Beacon Of Hope By The Arochukwu Community in 2017
  • Best Of Nollywood Awards for the Most Promising Nollywood Actor (In The Cupboard) 2012
  • Golden Icon Academy Movie Award For Best Supporting Actor (Weekend Getaway) 2013
  • Best Of Nollywood Award For Best Supporting Actor (Weekend Getaway) 2013
  • Screen Nation Award For Favorite Male Emerging Screen Talent Award (Africa) 2014
  • Sapiosexual  Elite Association – Certificate of Excellence For Examplary Contribution to Africa Entertainment.
Alex Ekubo has featured in several movies namely, 
  • Happy Family
  • 72 Hours
  • Secret And Scandals
  • Your Excellency
  • Hope Bay
  • Tinsel
  • AY’s Crib
  • Married To The Game
  • True Citizen
  • Weekend Getway
  • In The Cupboard
  • Bling Lagosians
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