A Call On All Abia State Party Delegates To Kill The Birth Of Godfatherism And Emulate Ebonyi State

Dear Abia State Delegates.
In 2015, the delegates in Ebonyi State revolted against imposition and killed the birth of godfatherism in that state. You can do the same.

The then governor Martin Elechi handpicked Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, the then Health Minister, the man that killed Ebola in Nigeria.
He announced to the party men and women the way the government is telling you about their candidate here that Onyebuchi Chukwu was his choice and asked them to vote for him.
Engineer David Umahi resisted it and presented himself to be voted for. He went round and appealed to the delegates and urged them to save their state from godfatherism and imposition. 
Primary election came, the delegates with the state money which Martin Elechi did not use to work in their pockets, voted David Umahi to victory. 
The result of that wise decision by the delegates is the infrastructural boom in Ebonyi State today. They said NO to godfatherism and set themselves free from slavery.
Dear Abia delegates the time has come to end our slavery, the time has come to do what Ebonyi State delegates did in 2015. Save Abia, save the workforce, save Abia, save the infrastructural decay, save Abia, save the shame our Councillors face outside when they meet their counterparts outside the shores of our state, save Abia and bring back the Leave Allowances, benefits and full salaries of our civil servants. Vote wisely, vote with your conscience, vote to say NO to godfatherism that has kept us crawling. Vote to set Abia free!
Collect the money the government will give you because it is your money, put it in your pocket and vote their candidate out so as to stop the sharing of our patrimony. “
God bless Abia State!

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