2023: Prince Ike Okorafor Bows To Pressure To Run For Arochukwu State Constituency

As permutations and intrigues continue to unfold, speculations and interests aligning, many political actors have begun to make their interests known to their loyal supporters. One of such personalities is the maverick, unorthodox, US-Based Scholar and Businessman, Prince Ike Okorafor. 
Prince Ike Okorafor

Born into the Royal Family of His Royal Highness, Eze Ike Okorafor (Onyerubi II of Abam) of blessed memory, he left the shores of Nigeria in pursuit of Education and therefrom, became well established in Business. 
Fortunately, for the polity and the constant demand for a breath of fresh air in Abia State politics, some concerned citizens like Prince Ike Okorafor who has done well in their private lives have seen the need to intervene by offering themselves for service to the people whom their unparalleled antecedents and philanthropic trajectories have already given rays of hope. 
Worried by the endless troubles of his people, Prince Okarafor ( DIKE OGU 1 OF ABAM ONYERUBI) has officially thrown his hat in the ring to represent Arochukwu State Constituency in the Abia State Assembly, believing that his wealth of experience will contribute immensely to the promulgation of new policies and laws that will positively affect his people and Abia State in general. 
Prince Ike Okorafor has been a long-standing member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and a faithful one with a strong belief in the ability of the Party to keep offering progress to the people. 
He wants the good people of the Arochukwu State Constituency to be ready to breathe a sigh of relief as he is ready to take them to a greater level of development if he is allowed to represent them come 2023. 

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