A lady embarrassed for not paying her bills in resturant.

A video tweeted by @doriswealthy depicts a woman getting into a fight with two restaurant employees because she was unable to pay her bills.

She reportedly came into the club with a man, but they abruptly fled, leaving her short on cash to cover the tab.

The only option left to her was to beg the female staff, who are all employed, to take her into account.

The workers didn’t take it lightly and threatened to hurt her if she didn’t settle them right away.

“You no know say you go pay when you dey chop all this one?” one of them asked. Dem follow you when you talk softly and raise your voice. Oga, pay your invoice!

In response to the rant,

The other woman responded to the outburst by pleading with them to exercise mercy instead of justice and to stop making her feel bad.

“Could you guys please unwind? Stay away from me till I pay my bills. Stop humiliating me,” the upset woman said.

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