USA mom pois0ned her ex boyfriend to death

Over the custody of their child, a woman poisoned her ex-oatmeal boyfriend’s and strangled him with his tie. She was given a 115-year prison sentence.

During a seven-day trial in Hamilton County, Indiana, the US, Heidi Marie Littlefield, 42, was convicted guilty of murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

When Francis Kelley’s body was discovered in January 2021, the prosecution claimed that he had been strangled and identified acute fentanyl intoxication as one of the causes of death.

Text messages found on Mr. Kelley’s phone and iPad indicated that Heidi Littlefield had visited his house days before he was discovered dead, according to reports.

The affidavit stated that “the two were in the midst of a custody fight about their two-year-old child in common.”

According to the court record, he inquired in one text message as to whether she had tampered with his oatmeal.

He asked her, according to the Indianapolis Star, “Did you do something to the oatmeal that was in my fridge?”

The prosecution said that Littlefield had come up with several strategies for murdering Mr. Kelley.

It is asserted that she chose to purchase fentanyl from drug dealers in Ohio along with her 23-year-old daughter Logan Runyon.

The victim’s oatmeal was subsequently mixed with fentanyl, and the mother instructed her daughter to go inside his home.

Logan Runyon said in court that they attempted to poison his food three times and

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