I dont want to die please beg bobrisky for me

A young man who got the image of Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky tattooed on his arm became viral and trended on social media for appearing ill.

The man claimed that the machinery used to inscribe the tattoo on his arm caused him to become unwell.


Inviting Nigerians, bloggers, and others to aid him in pleading for Bobrisky’s pardon, he also claimed to be abusing drugs and to be in need of help.

“Hello people, this is Lord Casted,” he said. Do you recall the person who inked Bobrisky with a tattoo on his arm? I am present. All I wanted was just a little assistance, but instead I contracted the illness from the tattoo-drawing machine. I already take my medication, everything is ok,

I’m shivering like this because I’m still doing drugs, so I’m pleading with Nigerians and bloggers to assist me get Bobrisky to pardon me. Please, just check on me.

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