Farmers with disability recieved 2 million


At least 1,700 farmers in Kaduna State, including people with physical disabilities, have received financial assistance totaling two million naira from the state’s Agro-Processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support programme.
Muhammad Bashir, the Kaduna State Chapter of APPEALS’ communication officer, made this statement on Wednesday in the state capital following an interactive session with beneficiaries. He noted that the session’s purpose was to assist the state’s service providers in assisting the beneficiaries with the process.
According to APPEALS, the goal of the cash assistance was to give the recipients the freedom to work for themselves and the tools they needed to launch modest, agriculture-related companies. The project’s officials also stated that they were resolved to use the monies wisely.

Haruna Abubakar and Rukayya Aliyu, two representatives of people with disabilities who are also programme participants, promised to apply what they have learnt to the growth of the agriculture industry.
They also praised Nasir Elrufai, the governor of Kaduna State, and his team for helping the state’s disabled residents become self-sufficient.
In addition to receiving assistance with registering their firms with the Corporate Affairs Commission, the individuals with special needs received training in business development services.
Dr. Yahaya Aminu, the APPEALS project coordinator, noted that the 1700 beneficiaries of the initiative’s support for women and young people included the 100 people with impairments.
It is consistent with the social protection and inclusionary policies of


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