3 arrested for involving in drug trafficking

The Lagos State Police Command has detained three suspects who were transporting 150 bottles of “skuchies.”

A combination of medications known as “Skuchies” includes, among other things, cannabis sativa, tramadol pills, codeine, and swifnol.

Francis Friday, Kemi Adeyemo, and Nonso Orji were detained at Igbo Agowa in Ikorodu as they transported 150 bottles of “skuchies” in a Suzuki minivan.

This was announced in a tweet on Tuesday by Benjamin Hundeyin, the command’s public relations officer.

Anti-drug campaign is organised by a group in Delta schools.
He claimed that the syndicate was apprehended as a result of suspicion and a search that followed.

Hundeyin warned Nigerians to stay away from narcotics and said that the issue was still under investigation.

It began with a search after a reasonable suspicion, he tweeted. At Igbo Agowa, Ikorodu, three men—Francis Friday (m), age 30, Kemi Adeyemo (f), age 35, and Nonso Orji (m), age 22—were detained as they transported 150 bottles of skuchies in a Suzuki minibus.

“Research is still being done. Do not use drugs!

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