Abia state gov. Have remove tax for 2 years

The continuing refurbishment of A-line in Ariaria International Market has caused some dealers to incur a two-year tax burden, which has been waived by the Abia State government.

The payment of revenues gathered by state and local government agents in the state’s marketplaces is part of the two-year tax exemptions.

Chief John Okiyi Kalu, Commissioner for Trade and Investment, who made this announcement at a meeting with traders in Aba, explained that the waiver was made in sympathy and support of the traders who had recently been affected by flooding in the market brought on by the torrential rains of the previous three days.

He announced the formation of a commission made up of Ministry representatives and traders to determine the degree of harm the rains had caused to the goods of the affected traders.

He stressed that the government will provide financial support to the affected traders while announcing the formation of a committee made up of Ministry officials and traders to analyse the level of damage done to the goods of impacted dealers by the rains.

The Commissioner also revealed that the Governor would commission three blocks of the renovated A-Line and the road leading to it in December 2022.

In his own words, “The tax waiver is in sympathy with the A Line traders who were impacted by the recent market floods as well as the continuing market remodelling. Traders who lost their goods are sympathised with by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Okezie Ikpeazu, the governor, feels bad for the traders who lost their wares. The government is supporting you as you calculate your losses and is making every effort to lessen them. A trader who hasn’t traded in two years can’t be taxed. The Abia State government maintains a roster of market vendors, however we found that vendor owners are not always traders. A commission has been formed to identify the real merchants. The traders will receive a document from us that will exempt them from paying taxes for two years. Although we can’t predict when it will rain heavily in any of our markets, the government has begun continual market remodelling, beginning with A-line, with new drains, roads, and raised businesses.

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