Two men scamm£d and rap£ a lady

Rotimi Fisher and Sherif Adebayo, two suspected scammers, are accused of defrauding a 23-year-old woman in Lagos State’s Ipaja neighbourhood.


In addition, the woman was allegedly lured by the accused to an unfinished structure on Majiyagbe Street in Ipaja, where Adebayo allegedly sexually assaulted her.

PUNCH Metro discovered that when Fisher asked the victim to assist him in finding an address, she was in route to a location in Iyana Ipaja.

The suspect allegedly pretended to be a foreign businessman to the victim and informed him that he had come to Nigeria to deliver products to a client at the address and to get his unpaid bills.


According to a source, after Fisher unsuccessfully sought assistance from others, a young girl promised to assist, but upon verifying the address,

The insider stated, “But just as the girl was attempting to assist Fisher, Adebayo appeared out of nowhere as a neutral party and volunteered to help Fisher, even though they were already cooperating. Adebayo informed the girl that the address was false but then began persuading her to assist Fisher.

“Fisher bemoaned being trapped and claimed to have certain documents that could be exchanged for tonnes of money, but he informed Adebayo and the girl that he needed money to purchase chemicals to turn the papers into cash.

“Adebayo dumped N60,000 in a flash. The girl gave Fisher her gold jewellery and N10,000 after appearing to be persuaded. She also proceeded to a neighbouring ATM to withdraw N65,000 and presented it to Fisher, who then told Adebayo and the girl.


Fisher received the money from a nearby ATM and delivered it to Adebayo and the girl, instructing them to swear not to share his secret with anybody.

After swearing the pledge, it was discovered that Fisher had given them a meeting place for the following day.

When they arrived, the local of Ogun State reportedly gave Adebayo and the girl the sack containing the money and informed them that the spirit in charge of turning the papers into money was requesting human blood as a sacrifice.

“Fisher claimed they needed to have sex to keep them both from passing away. He also threatened them by referring to the pledge they made. The girl then accompanied them to an unfinished structure at around 9 o’clock that evening out of fear of dying.


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