46 yrs government worker rap£ his 27 yrs old daughter

Segun Oluwole, a 46-year-old incest suspect, describes to DAUD OLATUNJI how he allegedly sexually assaulted his 17-year-old daughter.

What do you do for a living and what is your name?

Segun Oluwole is my name, and I’m 46 years old. I go to CAC and am a Christian. I work for the government as the mayor of Abeokuta South’s traffic, and I also run a store in the Amolaso neighbourhood called White House where I sell phone accessories.

Describe your family to us.

My mother is a herbalist and lives in Ijoko-Ota, Ogun State. My father was a police officer who was shot dead in an armed robbery attack in 2000. I am happily married and have five children, three boys and two girls. Four kids were born to my current wife for me.

My first wife is the mother of my first child, who also happens to be the victim, while my current wife has four children for me. She is a teenager. My youngest child is now two years old.

What happened to your first spouse?

Her name was Dorcas, or Azeezat as my mother affectionately referred to her. She is from the Republic of Benin and is the girl’s mother. In Lagos, I got to know her through her older brother. My close friend and the elder brother drove a private vehicle. So it was through her brother that I was able to meet her. At the time I became attracted to her, she had temporarily arrived in Lagos to work. Hence,

I was made to see her family in the Republic of Benin and confess to being the cause of their daughter’s pregnancy after I had pushed her to become pregnant. She visited my mother’s home in Ifo, Ogun State to meet her parents before coming to live there so that my mother could help take care of her and her pregnancy.

When and why did you part ways with your last spouse?

Due to linguistic barriers, we parted ways in 2007, and since then we haven’t seen each other. I have heard that she has since remarried and is now cohabitating with another man.

Was your daughter left with you while she was gone?

My wife moved in with my mum following the birth of the girl.

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