YPP Deputy Governorship Candidate, Anyaso Greets Abians For Their Unwavering Support To Birth A New Abia.

I want to express my profound gratitude to you all for your unwavering support throughout the long months of our rigorous campaigns up until the elections that held last Saturday. Your calls, advice, suggestions and financial support fueled my courage and gave us mileage at the polls and I am most grateful that I didn’t walk this path alone.

It will not be easy to dislodge the monster of corruption that has drained Abia State resources for the past 24 years but we are making progress. It is worthy of note that our party YPP despite being less than 7 months old in Abia political space was able to win two seats at the house of Assembly, establishing a foothold for a more substantial victory in the near future.

The responsibility of Nation Building has fallen on the youths, and as a youth, I have dedicated my time and resources to fighting this evil establishment draining our resources. Like the saying in the Bible, “one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand”, I want to call on you my friends to join the fray to rescue our nation one LGA, one State at a time. Politics should not be left to career politicians who make a living exploiting the resources of state for their personal use.

Elections come and go but friendships if nurtured would last a lifetime. I do hope that we would continue to support one another beyond here and continue to share in the therapeutic effects of true friendship.

God bless you all.

Yours truly,

Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso (CDA)

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