YAF Arochukwu Beats Corps Members 4 – 1

Youth Alive Fellowship Wins Youth Corps Members in Arochukwu 4 to Score 1.

It was a thing Of Joy and Fan fare as the Youth Alive fellowship of the Living Faith Church wins Arochukwu Youth Corps Members at Aggrey Ibom Field, the football match competition between the Youth Alive Fellowship, Lfc Team Aro. and the Nigerian Coppers held, with the official flag off ceremony performed by the Resident Pastor, Pastor Wisdom Uchenna , who warmly intimated with both teams setting the stage for subsequent actions.

On team selection, the Youth Alive Fellowship Squad fielded in all yellow outfits as against the Nigerian Coppers in Blue.

Following thorough managerial expertise by the Sports Director, Brother Experience Abraham, the Youth Alive Fellowship Team entertained the crowd with unbelievable skills and athletic know – how, ending the first half with One goal to nothing against the Nigerian Coppers!

Based on procedural directives and  global football attitudinal guidelines, both teams engaged and carried themselves with painstaking professionalism as no rancour was whatsoever recorded between both teams, however, the Youth Alive Fellowship Squad further surprised the Nigerian Coppers with additional massive three goals, which obviously should leave the coppers regretting accepting the football invitation in the first place.

Given the continuity of this football outclass cum mild humiliation, the Nigerian Coppers finally succeeded in pulling one goal back to their alter amazement, though through a penalty, which was widely tagged a ‘consolidation goal’ by the spectators, thereby ending 4:1 in favour of Youth Alive Followship Team. Aro. 
Evangelism being the strategic launching – pad and primary motivation for this initiative, the man of God, pastor Henry Wisdom Uchenna, youths disseminated the gospel of salvation to the crowd and passers – by.

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