Work as a Security Guard at MacCon Public Safety & Earn $50,000 Annually

Are you qualified to take on the monitoring of our facilities and the security of our employees and visitors as security guard at MacCon? You are responsible for spotting any suspicious behaviour and preventing vandalism, thefts and other crimes.

About $50,000 Salary Annually as a Security Guard at MacCon Public Safety.

You must be skilled in monitoring and dealing with criminals as a security guard. A successful candidate should exude respect and authority and have a good quality of surveillance.

Our goal is to assist the business in maintaining excellent working conditions by making our facilities secure and free of problems.

Security Guard at MacCon Public Safety

Responsibilities as a Security Guard at MacCon Public Safety

  • To ensure order and establish security, the premises should be inspected regularly.
  • The vehicles and people entering the property should be monitored and approved.
  • Eliminate any criminals or trespassers out of the zone.
  • Once the procedure is completed After the process is completed, secure all exits, windows, and doors.
  • Monitor security cameras frequently to find issues or illegal activities.
  • Check out people to determine if they have any questionable conduct or items.
  • Examine and evaluate the problem as a response to alerts.

Skills and demands required for a Security Guard at MacCon Public Safety

Job Details

Security Guard – F/T & P/T Mobile Patrol, Static and Event Guards, MacCon Public Safety Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Security guards with experience
  • The legal requirements for security in the area and public safety need to be known.
  • Excellent observation and surveillance abilities. Experienced in writing reports
  • Expert in technology and surveillance systems.
  • Self-defense, First Aid and BLS training
  • Registration of security officers
  • High school diplomas are required.
CompensationCA$30,000 to CA$50,000 Annually
Benefits OfferedDental, Medical
Employment TypeOther

About Company

MacCon Public Safety is a medium-sized uniformed security contract company in Calgary, AB. MacCon Public Safety is professional and supportive of our employees’ personal and professional growth.

Our work environment is comprised of:

  • Opportunities for growth
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training on the job
  • Regular social events
  • Workplace safety

Mobile Patrols F/T/P/T, Static and Event Guard jobs are available. Evenings, days and night shifts are open. A flexible combination of weekend and weekday shifts is available.

There is no experience required. Police level training is provided.

Alberta Security License needed before the first shift. Successful applicants will be assisted in the registration process.

$30,000.00 between $ 50,000.00 each year based on the availability of shifts and personal qualifications. Education and training.

Please submit your application to have the chance to be invited for our in-office interview and hiring session.



What’s the function of security guards?

Security guards protect business employees and assets by watching for potential dangers. They perform regular security checks on the buildings they guard and can be seen near entry points to ensure that intruders aren’t allowed access.

What exactly are the duties and responsibilities of the Security Guard?

Security Guards Security Guard is responsible for protecting personnel and property by patrolling the vicinity and monitoring equipment for surveillance. They monitor buildings to ensure that the policies and procedures are adhered to and prevent loss or damage by identifying any irregularities, for instance, the attempted theft of valuable items.

What Qualifies a Security Guard?

Security guards must be capable of communicating effectively. Understanding how to convey the details of an event to the person on the scene assists security guards in making better decisions on how to deal with issues in the event of an incident.

With whom can a Security Guard collaborate?

A Security Officer is a part of the Security Manager responsible for the company’s security functions. A Security Officer can brief the manager on some issues while the manager is dealing with the more complicated aspects.

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