Unknown Gunmen Storms Arochukwu LGA Headquarters Destroys Nigerian Flag Proceeds to Eze Aro Palace


Unknown gunmen stormed Arochukwu Kingdom, Army and Police on the run…

Monday 11/10/2021 was a terrible and Horrific Day for the residence of Arochukwu Kingdom as a group of Unidentified gunmen struck the Local Government Headquarters to depose the Symbol of the Nigerian Flag situated at the entrance of the Local Government Headquarters here in Arochukwu.

The gunmen drove into the Arochukwu L.G.A with about six motorcycle as the Nigerian Flag was their major aim of storming the Site, as at the time of their arrival at the Local Government Headquarters, few staff of L.G.A Council was present at work as the gunmen warned them to vacate their various offices and never to return for the day again.

Our correspondence gathered that immediately they left the L.G.A headquarters they headed to the Eze Aro palace to also pull down the same Nigerian flag which was situated at the entrance of the palace.

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During their various activities, they were dressed on  black clothes, and their faces covered with mask.

After dismantling the flag of Nigeria  situated at the entrance of the Eze Aro palace, they checked on first bank to see if there is any form of Nigerian flag on it but on reaching there none was found. During this exercise, it was Observed that men of the Nigerian Army who’s camp/ check point is situated beside the First Bank tactical left the premises as the Unknown gunmen ransacked the environ.

The action never end at the Eze Aro Palace, they also stormed the  Eze Eze Agwu palace to check if the said flag can be seen therein but none was found. 

However, a witness told Aro Okeigbo Blog that during the activities of the unknown gunmen, one of the southern Army personnel who is correctly serving in the Aro L.G.A tried to repel them but his AK47 pistol failed to answer to his expectation, while struggling with it the unknown gunmen met  him tortured him without taking his life. 

‚ÄúDuring this operation, the unknown gunmen were sited two persons per bike while some three per bike” the witness Said.

The activities of the unknown gunmen has left many people dumbfounded as no lost of life was recorded unlike other of their attacks in other parts of the country.

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The exact number of the Unknown Gunmen can not be ascertained as the six motorcycles did not carry the same number of people.

This become the talk of the day as the police has mounted surveillance to know their way about.

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