Uko’s Falsehood Part One

 Uko’s falsehood part 1

Arochukwu-Ohafia road has been the basis for candidates to seek our votes with a promise to build it and provide us access road.

While Sen Mao was at the Senate and Hon Uko Nkole at Rep, the road was awarded and work started and both claimed to have attracted the road. Fast forward today, the road is abandoned and nothing has happened as it was worked upon last in the year 2019.

Note: Mao did not return to the Senate but Uko returned to the HOR.

if Uko was the person who facilitated the road, work would have been in progress and nearing completion since he is still in the house but as a SERIAL PROJECT DRAGGER, the abandonment of the road shows he is not the facilitator.

Delegates shine your eyes

Onoh Chukwuma Richard 

Is writing from umuahia

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