The Real Outcome Of The April 16th. 2022 Nzuko Aro Election Is Simply An “Illegitimate CWEC” – Mazi Chijioke Okoro

Mazi Chijioke Okoro

Let us move forward and allow them prove themselves by their works, giving them all the necessary support they may require of us to succeed. 

1. Let us see how much of the 2020-2030 Aro Developments Plan they’ll put to work. 

2. Let them help complete the all outstanding works at Civic Center and also help publish full account thereof. (Income and Expenditures)

3. Remedy the mismanaged “Rite of Passage” funds and build the necessary mausoleum with statue of the Sage erected while ensuring the widow will not go empty handed. 


In fact cleaning the mess could be the whole mission why the Patrons railroad them back to Power despite the lackluster means of returning them. 

If you (the illegitimate CWEC) convince yourselves that you won the election clean and squarely, then continue your service to Aro kingdom and let Ndeichie Aro and Chukwu Okike Abiama help you to achieve your goals and objectives but if you’re sure like every other persons present that fateful day that you manipulated your way through a pre-meditated plan to rig yourselves to Power, be honest enough to do yourselves and Aro Kingdom a favor to call off the election victory ascribed to you and either return same to the rightful winner or call for rerun. Either way you choose, I’ll go with you but let God and the gods be the judge going forward. 

This is my personal position on this issue.




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