An Admin Of Umu Aro Okeigbo has pointed out on the needs and essence of belonging to an Arochukwu Organization that you know. The Admin with the name Esn Esn describe this as a call to action to every Aro son and daughter who is yet to belong to any Arochukwu Association.

In his writing, he wrote,


Please it has become important to ask members of dis group who do not belong to any social organization in Aro (Nzuko Aro; Club; Student Association etc ) to do so immediately. 

There are many Arochukwu meetings at varieties locations. We have seen many messages asking for one help or the other mostly medical help, We don’t approve such post as if we do for one person today many more will arise even if they’re saying the truth or not it will become daily lifestyle.

This is why members should belong to Arochukwu/ village meeting, as it comes with so many good benefits. Such meetings have provisions for financial and non financial members and they always cater for the needs of members.

See post Below,


 Meanwhile we have different Association in Arochukwu Kingdom, both home and abroad. Kindly locate one and join incase of the times of needy.

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